The Senior Resource Foundation of Cobb County is delighted to continue our efforts for a worthwhile program called the Friendly Visitor Program. For one hour once a week, you can enrich another person’s life with your experience, insight, and friendliness.

Here, for example, is Dianne, who explains her experiences:

Thank you Senior Resource Foundation of Cobb County for your Friendly Visitor Program.  

When I volunteered to visit a senior for an hour once a week, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into.  Thoughts like:

  • What would we talk about?
  • Would we have anything in common?
  • How can I keep our visits “fresh and fun” so they don’t get old and boring?

Well, I had nothing to worry about!  

Not only am I a friend to my senior, but she is also a friend to me!  

I look forward to our visit each week. We laugh, tell stories, talk about our favorite sports teams, and she is teaching me crafting skills I would never have been exposed to without her.  She is generous with her time and talents.

In short, we have a wonderful time together.  My biggest challenge is keeping our visit to an hour.  She doesn’t mind that our visits may last longer, and neither do I!

My new friend is a pure joy!

If you would like to help and become a friend to one of our senior neighbors, please volunteer for the Friendly Visitor Program of the Senior Resource Foundation of Cobb County.

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